Imperial Lances Rules for the Conduct of Napoleonic Warfare in Miniature

Imperial Lances is a Grand Tactical miniatures wargame in which each infantry base represents a battalion, each cavalry base represents a squadron, and each artillery base represents a battery. The game has been designed with 15mm miniature figures in mind. However, conversion information for using other size miniatures is also provided. Complete basing recommendations are provided. However, re-basing is not generally necessary if both sides are already based according to other rule system requirements.

Imperial Lances is not a “Fast Play” set of rules. Nor, are they designed for small skirmishes. Imperial Lances is designed to provide players with a visually stunning battlefield containing masses of troops and formations that generate the look and feel of a Napoleonic battle.

Imperial Lances has a distinct “Old School” feel.

Imperial Lances is a game that may be played by two or more players. The game scale is 1:100, which is to say that each figure on the game table represents approximately 100 actual men. The ground scale is 25mm (1 inch) = 50 meters. Each game turn represents approximately 20 minutes.

An average Infantry Regiment consists of three, six-figure, battalion bases (18 figures). The battalion is the smallest infantry unit permitted to act independently in the game.

An average Cavalry Regiment consists of between three, three-figure squadron bases (9 figures) for Heavy Cavalry up to eight, two-figure squadron bases (16 figures) for some Light Cavalry regiments. The Squadron is the smallest cavalry unit permitted to act independently in the game.

An artillery stand represents a Battery of approximately 4-8 guns. The battery is classified as either Heavy, Light, Mountain, or Fortress according to the most prevalent gun type in the battery. The Battery is then further classified as either Foot or Horse for movement purposes.

Imperial Lances is designed to recreate, in a playable way, the distinct battlefield tactics of the Napoleonic era. A force of combined arms will generally meet with greater success than a force which is lacking one of the three branches (Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery). The roles of leadership and troop morale are also very important to a force’s success.

Introductory scenarios are provided in the rules to assist players in learning the game system. Once learned, players can either design their own battles or, access free of charge, the numerous and ever-growing selection of battle maps and unit identification tags representing complete historic orders of battle from our Imperial Lances Yahoo group.


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